National WWII Memorial - WWII Veterans Registry

I am posting this information at the request of Mr. James L. Swartwood, Kentucky AARP, Program Specialist - Veterans History.  It is VERY worthwhile effort and I hope you take a minute to read this and then go to the National WWII Memorial website to register yourself (if you are a WWII vet), family member, etc.  Let us not forget!

"I am sure you and many of your members are well aware of the WWII Memorial in DC.  However I am finding many WWII veterans, families and friends are not aware of the online WWII Memorial Registry of Remembrances.  Those that were killed in WWII are automatically registered through the National Archives and Records Administration and/or the ABMC Tablets of the Missing.

"However an entry can be made on their behalf via family, friends or organizations regarding their military involvement before dying for their country.  Those that served in WWII can also be registered online as one would do at the WWII Monument.

"Will you please reference the National WWII Memorial website on your website and give a brief explanation so veterans, families, friends and organizations might honor those who served or supported the WWII efforts?

"If this generation does not step forward, information about the veterans will be very hard to obtain later.  An example is a father who died in an airplane accident off of Guam and the only thing registered is the ABMC record of his gravesite in Hawaii.  His daughter can now define that he was killed in an aircraft accident and the unit he served with, etc., which is a fitting closure for the ultimate sacrifice.  My brother served in the South Pacific and my nephew has now registered his father's information, including the ship he served aboard and some information he had passed to him."

(NOTE:  To register a WWII vet on the National WWII Memorial website, go to and click the "WWII Registry" link on the left. There will then be a "Register an Honoree" link at the top of the next page.)
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