10th, 14th, 20th AF, Combat Cargo, Transport Squadrons

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1st Air Cargo Resupply Sq Combat Cargo
1st Air Transport Sq 20th
1st Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
1st Bombardment Sq 20th
1st Bombardment Sq (Provisional) 14th
1st Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
1st Fighter Sq 20th
1st Fighter Sq, Commando 10th
1st Ordnance Sq (Spl) (Avn) 20th
1st Photo Recon Sq (Det. C) 20th
1st Pursuit Sq / 74th Fighter Sq 14th
1st Technical Service Detachment 20th
1st Troop Carrier Sq Transport
2nd Air Transport Sq 20th
2nd Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
2nd Bombardment Sq (Provisional) 14th
2nd Combat Camera Unit 10th
2nd Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
2nd Fighter Sq, Commando 10th
2nd Pursuit Sq / 75th Fighter Sq 14th
2nd Troop Carrier Sq Transport
3d Air Cargo Resupply Detachment 14th
3d Air Transport Sq 20th
3d Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
3d Bombardment Sq (Provisional) 14th
3d Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
3d Ferrying Sq Transport
3d Photo Recon Sq 20th
3d Photo Technical Unit 10th
3d Pursuit Sq / 76th Fighter Sq 14th
4th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
4th Bombardment Sq (Provisional) 14th
4th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
4th Emergency Rescue Sq 20th
4th Troop Carrier Sq Transport
5th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
5th Bombardment Sq 20th
5th Fighter Sq, Commando 10th
5th Liaison Sq 10th
6th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
6th Bombardment Sq 20th
6th Ferrying Sq Transport
6th Fighter Sq, Commando 10th
7th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
7th Fighter Sq (Provisional) 14th
7th Photo Technical Sq 10th
8th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
8th Fighter Sq (Provisional) 14th
9th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
9th Bombardment Sq 10th
9th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
9th Photographic Reconnaissance Sq 10th
10th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
10th Combat Camera Unit 10th
10th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
10th Photo Lab 20th
11th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
11th Bombardment Sq 10th
11th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
11th Photo Lab 20th
12th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
12th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
12th Photo Lab 20th
13th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
13th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
13th Ferrying Sq Transport
13th Photo Lab 20th
14th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
14th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
14th Photo Lab 20th
15th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
15th Bombardment Sq 20th
15th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
15th Photo Lab 20th
16th Bomb Maintenance Sq 20th
16th Bombardment Sq 20th
16th Combat Cargo Sq Combat Cargo
16th Fighter Sq 10th
16th Photo Lab 20th
16th Troop Carrier Sq Transport
17th Bombardment Sq 20th
17th Fighter Sq (Provisional) 14th
17th Photo Intelligence Det 10th
17th Photo Lab 20th
17th Troop Carrier Sq Transport
18th Photo Lab 20th
18th Troop Carrier Sq Transport
19th Fighter Sq 20th
19th Liaison Sq 10th
20th Tactical Reconnaissance Sq 10th
21st Bombardment Sq 20th
21st Fighter Sq 20th
21st Photographic Reconnaissance Sq 14th
22nd Bombardment Sq 10th
22nd Photo Lab 20th
23d Fighter Control Sq 14th
23d Photo Lab 20th
24th Bombardment Sq 20th
24th Combat Mapping Sq 10th
25th Bombardment Sq 20th
25th Fighter Sq 10th
26th Fighter Sq 10th
26th Fighter Sq (Provisional) 14th
26th Photo Lab 20th
27th Fighter Sq (Provisional) 14th
27th Photo Lab 20th
27th Troop Carrier Sq 14th
28th Bombardment Sq 20th
28th Fighter Sq (Provisional) 14th
28th Photo Lab 20th
29th Fighter Sq (Provisional) 14th
29th Photo Lab 20th
30th Bombardment Sq 20th
30th Photo Lab 20th
32nd Fighter Sq (Provisional) 14th
34th Fighter Sq 20th
35th Photographic Reconnaissance Sq 14th
35th Troop Carrier Sq Transport
36th Fighter Control Sq 14th
39th Bombardment Sq 20th
40th Bombardment Sq 20th
40th Photographic Reconnaissance Sq 10th
41st Bombardment Sq 20th
41st Photo Recon Sq 20th
43d Bombardment Sq 20th
44th Bombardment Sq 20th
45th Bombardment Sq 20th
45th Fighter Sq 20th
46th Fighter Sq 20th
47th Fighter Sq 20th
51st Fighter Control Sq 10th
52nd Bombardment Sq 20th
58th Fighter Sq 10th
59th Fighter Sq 10th
60th Bombardment Sq 20th
60th Fighter Sq 10th
61st Bombardment Sq 20th
62nd Bombardment Sq 20th
71st Liaison Sq 10th
72nd Fighter Sq 20th
73d Fighter Sq 20th
77th Transport Sq Transport
78th Fighter Sq 20th
78th Transport Sq Transport
81st Bombardment Sq 10th
82nd Bombardment Sq 10th
83d Bombardment Sq 10th
88th Fighter Sq 10th
88th Transport Sq Transport
89th Fighter Sq 10th
90th Fighter Sq 10th
91st Fighter Sq 14th
92nd Fighter Sq 14th
93d Bombardment Sq 20th
93d Fighter Sq 14th
96th Transport Sq Transport
97th Transport Sq Transport
98th Transport Sq Transport
99th Bombardment Sq 20th
99th Transport Sq Transport
100th Transport Sq Transport
115th Liaison Sq 10th
118th Tactical Recon Sq 14th
127th Liaison Sq 10th
155th Liaison Sq 10th
156th Liaison Sq 10th
164th Liaison Sq 10th
165th Liaison Sq 10th
166th Liaison Sq 10th
301st Transport Sq Transport
302nd Transport Sq Transport
303d Transport Sq Transport
304th Transport Sq Transport
315th Transport Sq Transport
317th Fighter Control Sq 14th
317th Troop Carrier Sq 10th
319th Troop Carrier Sq, Commando 10th
320th Troop Carrier Sq 20th
322nd Fighter Control Sq 10th
322nd Troop Carrier Sq 14th
327th Airdrome Sq 10th
328th Airdrome Sq 10th
329th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
330th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
331st Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
332nd Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
333d Fighter Sq 20th
340th Airdrome Sq 10th
342nd Airdrome Sq 10th
344th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
345th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
346th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
347th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
348th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
349th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
350th Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
351st Airdrome Sq Combat Cargo
355th Bombardment Sq 20th
356th Bombardment Sq 20th
357th Bombardment Sq 20th
373d Bombardment Sq 14th
374th Bombardment Sq 14th
375th Bombardment Sq 14th
385th Fighter Sq 10th
393d Bombardment Sq 20th
395th Bombardment Sq 20th
398th Bombardment Sq 20th
402nd Bombardment Sq 20th
411th Bombardment Sq 20th
413th Fighter Sq 20th
421st Bombardment Sq 20th
425th Bombardment Sq 14th
426th Night Fighter Sq 10th
427th Night Fighter Sq 10th
430th Bombardment Sq 20th
434th Bombardment Sq 10th
436th Bombardment Sq 10th
437th Fighter Sq 20th
449th Fighter Sq 10th
456th Fighter Sq 20th
457th Bombardment Sq 20th
457th Fighter Sq 20th
458th Bombardment Sq 20th
458th Fighter Sq 20th
459th Bombardment Sq 20th
459th Fighter Sq 10th
462nd Fighter Sq 20th
463d Fighter Sq 20th
464th Fighter Sq 20th
465th Fighter Sq 20th
482nd Bombardment Sq 20th
483d Bombardment Sq 20th
484th Bombardment Sq 20th
485th Bombardment Sq 20th
490th Bombardment Sq 10th
491st Bombardment Sq 10th
492nd Bombardment Sq 10th
493d Bombardment Sq 10th
528th Fighter Sq 10th
529th Fighter Sq 10th
530th Fighter Sq 10th
531st Fighter Sq 20th
655th Bombardment Sq, Recon 20th
676th Bombardment Sq 20th
677th Bombardment Sq 20th
678th Bombardment Sq 20th
679th Bombardment Sq 20th
680th Bombardment Sq 20th
768th Bombardment Sq 20th
769th Bombardment Sq 20th
770th Bombardment Sq 20th
771st Bombardment Sq 20th
792nd Bombardment Sq 20th
793d Bombardment Sq 20th
794th Bombardment Sq 20th
795th Bombardment Sq 20th
869th Bombardment Sq 20th
870th Bombardment Sq 20th
871st Bombardment Sq 20th
873d Bombardment Sq 20th
874th Bombardment Sq 20th
875th Bombardment Sq 20th
877th Bombardment Sq 20th
878th Bombardment Sq 20th
879th Bombardment Sq 20th
881st Bombardment Sq 20th
882nd Bombardment Sq 20th
883d Bombardment Sq 20th
958th Engineer Co (Avn) Topographic 10th
1395th Military Police Co (Avn) 20th

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