10th, 14th, 20th AF, Combat Cargo, Transport Groups

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1st Air Commando Gp 10th
1st Combat Cargo Gp Combat Cargo
1st Ferrying Gp Transport
1st Liaison Gp (Provisional) 10th
1st Bombardment Gp (Provisional) 14th
2nd Air Commando Gp 10th
2nd Ferrying Gp Transport
3d Combat Cargo Gp Combat Cargo
3d Fighter Gp (Provisional) 14th
4th Combat Cargo Gp Transport
5th Fighter Gp (Provisional) 14th
6th Bombardment Gp 20th
7th Bombardment Gp 10th
8th Photographic Reconnaissance Gp 10th
9th Bombardment Gp 20th
12th Bombardment Gp 10th
15th Fighter Gp 20th
16th Bombardment Gp 20th
19th Bombardment Gp 20th
21st Fighter Gp 20th
22nd Air Depot Gp 20th
22nd Transport Gp Transport
23d Fighter Gp 14th
24th Air Service Gp 20th
25th Air Service Gp 20th
28th Air Service Gp 20th
28th Transport Gp Transport
29th Bombardment Gp 20th
29th Transport Gp Transport
30th Transport Gp Transport
31st Air Service Gp 20th
33d Fighter Gp 10th
39th Bombardment Gp 20th
40th Bombardment Gp 20th
51st Fighter Gp 10th
58th Bombardment Wing 20th
64th Transport Gp Transport
65th Air Service Gp 20th
69th Air Service Gp 20th
72nd Air Service Gp 20th
73d Air Service Gp 20th
73th Bombardment Wing 20th
75th Air Service Gp 20th
76th Air Service Gp 20th
77nd Air Service Gp 20th
80th Fighter Gp 10th
81st Fighter Gp 14th
86th Air Service Gp 20th
87th Air Service Gp 20th
89th Air Service Gp 20th
90th Air Service Gp 20th
91st Air Service Gp 20th
301st Fighter Wing 20th
303th Air Service Gp 20th
308th Bombardment Gp 14th
311th Fighter Gp 10th
313th Bombardment Wing 20th
314th Bombardment Wing 20th
315th Bombardment Wing 20th
318th Fighter Gp 20th
330th Air Service Gp 20th
330th Bombardment Gp 20th
331st Bombardment Gp 20th
341st Bombardment Gp 10th
358th Air Service Gp 20th
359th Air Service Gp 20th
390th Air Service Gp 20th
413th Fighter Gp 20th
414th Fighter Gp 20th
443d Troop Carrier Gp Transport
444th Bombardment Gp 20th
462nd Bombardment Gp 20th
468th Bombardment Gp 20th
497th Bombardment Gp 20th
498th Bombardment Gp 20th
499th Bombardment Gp 20th
500th Bombardment Gp 20th
501st Bombardment Gp 20th
502nd Bombardment Gp 20th
504th Bombardment Gp 20th
505th Bombardment Gp 20th
506th Fighter Gp 20th
507th Fighter Gp 20th
509th Composite Gp 20th
Air Transport Command Transport
American Volunteer Gp (AVG) 10th
China Air Task Force 10th
Chinese-American Composite Wing 14th
Ferrying Command Transport
India Air Task Force 10th
XX Bomber Command 20th
XXI Bomber Command 20th

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