RAF-IAF and Fleet Air Arm National Insigniae

(Artwork supplied courtesy of Mr. Nick King)

RAF-IAF and Fleet Air Arm National Insigniae as Applied to Far East Aircraft

All theatres to May 1942.

All theatres June 1942-June 1943 when red was eliminated in the Far East.

Yellow borders on dark blue PR Hurricanes fuselage-wings 1942-43.

India Command July-Sep 1943, then insignia (F) from Sept. to end of war.
Eastern Fleet / E. Indies Fleet 1943-45. White borders on Glossy Sea Blue naval aircraft.

India Command June-July 1943 only then white areas reduced after trials.
East Indies Fleet April 1944-April 1945 (some aircraft). Outlined white on GSB.

Eastern Air Command and India Command Sep 1943-end of war; SEAC from Nov 1943. May have yellow border.

Ambulance aircraft, all theatres during war; behind fuselage roundel both sides.


1. Dimensions and proportions varied with size of aircraft.

2. Not to scale relative to each other.

3. SEAC formed Nov. 1943 to include:
  • Eastern Air Command (Assam, Bengal, Burma)
  • India Command (NW Frontier and Indian Air Force)
  • Base Air Forces (SE Asia) (India)

4. Red omitted and removed from insignia from June 1943 for aircraft east of the Gulf of Oman (as no Japanese aircraft assumed operating west of here ).

5. Some aircraft delivered in 1945 usually in unpainted (Alclad) finish retained earlier insignia with red sections (eg. Liberator of 355 Sqn).

6. Eastern Fleet split in Nov. 1944 into:
  • E. Indies Fleet (escort carriers supporting SEAC)
  • British Pacific Fleet (fleet carriers with USN). BPF had their own insignia based on the American style.

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