Source:  Mr. Bernie Shearon

Non-Air Corps units assigned to Army Air Forces headquarters were referred to during WW II as ASWAAF units (Arms and Services With the Army Air Forces). Some were still serving with the USAF (Engineer units throughout the Korean War), knows then as SCARWAF (Special Category ARmy With the Air Force). Here are the non-Air Corps unit types I know of:


Chemical Co (Air Operations)
Chemical Co, Pltn (Avn)
Chemical Depot Co (Avn)
Chemical Maintenance Co (Avn)
Chemical Service Co (Avn)


Airborne Engineer Aviation Bn, Co
Engineer Aviation Bde, Rgt, Gp, Bn, Co
Engineer Aviation Camouflage Bn
Engineer Aviation Depot Co
Engineer Aviation Topographic Bn, Co
Engineer Aviation Utilites Bn
Engineer Composite Bn, Avn
Engineer Construction Gp(Avn)
Engineer Headquarters Co (Air Force)
Engineer Maintenance Co, Avn
(except the 405th Engineer Squadron which was assigned to 65th Cavalry Div, TX NG)


Finance Det, Sctn, Office (no differentiation for units with AAF)


AAF Convalescent Hosp
AAF Regional & Convalescent Hosp
AAF Regional Hosp
AAF Regional Station Hosp
Central Medical Establishment
Field Hosp (Medical Field Hosp)
General Hosp
Medical Dispensary, Avn
Non unique -- some assigned to AAF
Station Hosp

Military Police:

Military Police Co, Avn (in 1944 in the US only these were converted to Guard Sqs, which were Air Corps units)
(I believe the Air Base Security Bns were Air Corps units, rather than Military Police units.)


Ordnance Ammunition Bn, Co (Avn)
Ordnance Co (Air Operations) one with further parenthetical (M&H)
Ordnance Co, Aviation, Depot
Ordnance Co, Avn including (Bomb) (Pursuit) (Composite) (Air Base)
Ordnance Co, Medium Maintenance (Avn)
Ordnance Depot Rgt (Air Force Overhead) [provisional unit]
Ordnance Depot Rgt (Avn)
Ordnance Maintenance Co (Air Force)
Ordnance Maintenance Co (Avn)
Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Pltn, Avn
Ordnance Service Co, Avn or (Composite)
Ordnance Squadron, Special (Aviation) (first nuclear weapon unit -- with 509th)
Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Co, Avn


Quartermaster Boat Co, Avn (became Emergency Rescue Boat Sqs)
Quartermaster Co (Air Base)
Quartermaster Co (Light Maintenance), Avn
Quartermaster Co, Avn
Quartermaster Co, Pltn (Service), Avn (or the other way around)
Quartermaster Co, Service Gp (may or may not have added (Avn))
Quartermaster Maintenance Pltn (Aviation, Light)
Quartermaster Petroleum Pipeline Co (either AGF or AAF)
Quartermaster Pltn, Air Depot
Quartermaster Pltn, Air Force Service Ctr
Quartermaster Pltn, Airdrome or Air Base
Quartermaster Pltn, Depot Base (Avn)
Quartermaster Pltn, Depot, Class III (Avn)
Quartermaster Pltn, General Service (Avn)
Quartermaster Pltn, Service Center (Avn)
Quartermaster Pltn, Supply Base (Avn)
Quartermaster Rgt (Truck)
Their companies (and in some cases, platoons) were spread around various air bases 1940-1942. The companies were redesignated as Quartermaster Co (Truck) (Avn) and numbered with newly formed units around 700-850. Later in 1942 these were redesignated as Quartermaster Truck Co (Avn) and renumbered 1900-2500. I suspect a similar transformation occurred with Quartermaster Bns (Light Maintenance) transforming into Quartermaster Supply & Maintenance Cos (Avn), but have never seen a full lineage backing this up.

Quartermaster Supply Co (Avn)
Quartermaster Truck Bn, Air Service Cd
Quartermaster Truck Bn, Mbl or Spl (Avn)


Aircraft Warning Svc, Co
Radar & VHF Installation & Maintenance Unit (which became Signal Radio Maintenance Unit, Aviation, Type A,
       later Signal Radio Maintenance Team (Avn), finally converted as Communications Maintenance Sq)
Radio Co, Avn
Radio Security Det
Signal Aircraft Warning Svc, Rgt (9 of these were converted Cavalry Rgts), Bn (Separate, Training or Special),
       Co (Plotting, Reporting, Visual, or Radar), Pltn, Det
Signal Aviation Co
Signal Aviation Construction Bn
Signal Bn (Air Force)
Signal Bn (Separate), Tactical (or, Tactical Air Force)
Signal Bn, Air Support Cd
Signal Bn, Aviation, Spl
Signal Co (Radio Intercept)
Signal Co, Air Force
Signal Co, Aircraft Warning
Signal Co, Avn
Signal Co, Depot (Avn)
Signal Co, Wing (or , Troop Carrier Wg, (Air Wing))
Signal Construction Bn, Co (with or without (Avn))
Signal Depot Co, Avn
Signal Electronic Installation Unit
Signal Electronics Installation Det
Signal Electronics Maintenance Det
Signal Heavy Construction Bn, Co
Signal Installation & Maintenance Det
Signal Light Construction Bn, Co
Signal Outpost Operations Co
Signal Pltn (Air Base) assigned to Air Base Gps numbered about 1-100, redesignated Signal Co, Service Gp in 1942 and
        later in 1942 added 1000 to their number.
Signal Platoon (Depot or Air Depot)
Signal Radar Calibration Team
Signal Radar Maintenance Unit
Signal Radio Intercept (or Intelligence) Co (some converted as Radio Sq, Mobile))
Signal Radio Service Bn
Signal Reporting Co, Aircraft Warning, Frontier
Signal Sctn
Signal Service Bn, Co (with or without (Avn)) also SS Bn, Wg
Signal Support Co
Signal Weather Equipment Det

And the best ASWAAF units of all time, the 1307th - 1311th Signal Pigeon Companies, Aviation
       (Did the AGF pigeons just walk?)


Boat Co, Avn, Transportation Corps (formerly QM units)

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