Following is a list of public domain Websites and individuals that assisted in compiling the information contained in this document and appendices.  I express my gratitude to all the veterans who took the time to write, email, or call me, and to the individuals who maintain the Websites designed to record and preserve the history of the CBI theater in WWII.

One fact I have discovered is that history is only as accurate as the effort made to record it and that unless the effort is made to record it will be lost.  This is evident as several of the Websites used to compile this document are no longer active as the persons who maintained them have made their final flight over the hump and their sites are now lost to us.  The same is true for several of the veterans who assisted me in this effort.  I hope that this will be a living document that will help preserve the history of the CBI and the men who fought there.

Websites, Books, Organizations

1st & 7th Emergency Rescue Squadrons

4th Rescue Squadron

6th Bomb Group

7th Bomb Group Association

7th Bomb Wing B-36 Association

7th Fighter Command Association

9th Bombardment Group History

9th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron Online

10th AF Tribute ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

A Photo History of the 11th Bomb Squadron

17th Troop Carrier Squadron History

19th Air Refueling Group

19th Bombardment Association

Fact Sheets: 19th Air Refueling Group (Robins AFB website)

19th Heritage Group ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

19th Bomb Group, USAAF in Australia during WW2

19th Fighter Squadron (Elmendorf AFB website)

22nd Bomb Squadron Association

23d Flying Tiger Association

25th Air Service Group

25th Fighter Squadron (CBI)

25th Infantry Division and United States Army Hawaii Offical Military Home Page

26th Fighter Squadron (CBI)

27th Troop Carrier Squadron

28th Combat Support Hospital ( - PAGE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

29th Bomb Group - Official Site

33d Fighter Group Honor Roll ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

33d Fighter Group Reunion Site

35th Photographic Technical Unit

35th Signal Brigade History

36th Transportation Battalion

39th Bombardment Group [VH] Association

39th Transportation Battalion

39th Transportation Battalion History

40th Bomb Group Association

40th Bomb Wing

44th Bomb Squadron ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

45th Fighter Squadron ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

45th Transportation Battalion

48th Combat Support Hospital

58th Bomb Wing Memorial, New England Air Museum

68th Transportation Battalion

69th DRS Association

73d Bomb Wing Info / Photos ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

76th Fighter Squadron Association

76th Space Control Squadron

81st Fighter Group Honor Roll ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

81st Fighter-Interceptor Wing 1954 Scrapbook

102nd Fighter Wing ( - PAGE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

124th Cavalry Regiment

124th Calvary Association

124th Calvary Regiment History ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

308th Bomb Group

308th Strategic Missile Wing

308th SMW

313th Bomb Wing

315th Bomb Wing

330th Airdrome Squadron ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

330th Bomb Group [VH] (Official Site)

335th Station Hospital

341st Bomb Group

347th Airdrome Squadron ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

386th Air Service Group

393d Bomb Squadron

396th Air Service Squadron

426th Night Fighter Squadron

444th Bomb Group Association

462nd BG Hellbirds ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

462nd Bomb Group ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

468th Bomb Group

468th Bomb Group

504th Bomb Group, Tinian

504th Bomb Group WW2 ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

505th Bomb Group, Tinian, WWII

505th Tactical Control Group (19th Tactical Air Support Squadron (Light)) ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

509th Composite Group

AFHRA Photos - 509th Composite Group

509th Composite Group History ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

509th Bomb Wing

509th Bomb Wing - SAC - Pease AFB

509th Bomb Wing

858th Engineer Aviation Battalion ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

879th Airborne Engineer Aviation Battalion

The 1213 MP of the 10th Army Air Force in India and Burma (CBI) during World War 2

1337th Army Air Forces Base Unit ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Air Force Communicators & Air Traffic Controllers Association (AFCOMMATC)  (formerly AACS Alumni Association)

AF Reserve (914th Airlift Wing)

Air Force Communications Agency

Air Force Freedom of Information Act - Heraldry, Lineage & Honor

Air Force Historical Research Agency

Documents of interest available from AFHRA

       "The Tenth Air Force, 1942"; Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp (1944)

       "The Tenth Air Force, 1 January-10 March 1943"; Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp (1944)

       "The Tenth Air Force, 1943"; Herbert Weaver (1946)

       "The Fourteenth Air Force to 1 October 1943"; Herbert Weaver and Marvin A. Rapp (1945)

       "History of the Twentieth Air Force : Genesis"; James L. Cate (1945)

       "Administrative History of the Ferrying Command, 29 May 1941 to 30 June 1942";
         Historical Branch, Air Transport Command (1945)

       "Army Air Forces in the War Against Japan, 1941-1942"; E. Kathleen Williams (1945)

       "Air Supply in the Burma Campaigns"; Joe G. Taylor (1957)

       "Air Interdiction in China in World War II"; Joe G. Taylor (1957)

       "Development of Aeromedical Evacuation in the USAF"; Dr. Robert F. Futrell (1960)

       "Air-Sea Rescue, 1941-1952"; Frank E. Ransom (1953)

Air Force History Index

Air Force History Support Office

Documents of interest available from AFHSO

       Active Air Force Bases Within the United States of America on 17 September 1982
       AFHRC, Robert Mueller, editor

       Air bases outside the United States of America
       AFHRC, Harry R. Fletcher, editor

       Air Force Combat Wings: Lineage and Honors Histories, 1947-1977
       Charles A. Ravenstein, AFHRC, 1984

Airborne & Special Operations Museum

Airlift History

American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of World War Two

American Society of Military Insignia Collectors

"Army Air Forces in WWII"  (7 volumes)
Office of Air Force History
Wesley Craven & James Cate, editors
       Site 1:  Hyperwar: U.S. Army Air Force in World War II
       Site 2:  Air Force Historical Studies Office

"The Army Almanac: A Book of Facts Concerning the Army of the United States"
US Government Printing Office, 1950.


B-29 Superfortress Then and Now

Boeing B-29 Enola Gay and Bockscar B-29's that carried the Atom Bombs ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Brian's Squadron Patches of WWII

Burma Banshees

Burma Banshees - The 80th Fighter Group

Burma Bridge Busters (490th Bomb Sq)

Burma Star Association


CBI Hump Pilots Association


CBI Veterans Association (Sound-off Newsletter)

China-Burma-India Theater of World War II

The China-Burma-India (CBI) Theater of World War II - Mr. William B. "Ben" Thompson Memorial

Chindits Special Force Burma 1943-1944

Combat Squadrons of the Air Force - World War II; AFHRC, Maurer Maurer, editor:  (Adobe Acrobat files)
Air Force Historical Research Agency
     Part I
     Part II

Combat Units of WWII; AFHRA, Maurer Maurer, editor:
Air Force Historical Studies Office  (Adobe Acrobat file)

Daniel Novak - CBI Photos

Elmendorf AFB History

Emergency Rescue Squadrons

Enola Gay - Former Exhibition Information

Enola Gay Remembered - The Official of Ret. General Paul W. Tibbets

Ex-CBI Roundup Magazine

Flying the Hump

Flying the Hump, 1942-1945

Flying the Hump Website

Flying Tigers: American Volunteer Group ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Glenn Hensley - CBI Photos

Imphal, The Hump and Beyond - U.S.A.A.F. Combat Cargo Groups of the Second World War

International Combat Camera Association, Inc.

International Liaison Pilot and Aircraft Association (ILPA)

James A. Corbitt Tribute ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Jone's Locker of Military Lists


Merrill's Marauders Association

Merrill's Marauders Combined Operations in Northern Burma in 1944 ( - no longer active)

Merrill's Marauders: February - May 1944 (US Army Center of Military History) website for Mr. Charles Aresta

Military Shoulder Patches of the US

Museum of the Kansas Nation Guard

National Museum of the United States Air Force

Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Detachment 101

Office of Strategic Services Operational Groups

Old China Hands ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

OSS Detachment 303 Story

Philippe's Aviation Pages ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

"Pigeons In Combat" Website

Prairie Bombers Digital Library

Profiles in Penn History

Project 7A

Radio Intelligence in CBI

Records of the U.S. Army Forces in the China-Burma-India

Remembering Shared Honor Association for Preserving the History of WWII in Asia ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Report on Asian Pacific Islander Veterans ( - PAGE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Signal Corps 150th Anniversary Commemorative Site

Signal Corps 150th Anniversary (U.S. Army Center of Military History)

Signal Corps in the China-Burma-India Theater ( - PAGE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Sino-American Aviation Heritage Foundation

Society of Oral History on Modern China

Special Forces website ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Successor to the Flying Tigers: The China Air Task Force ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

Supplying War: Interservice and Interallied Cooperation in China-Burma-India

The United States Army Air Forces in WWII

Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register
Dept. of the Army Pamphlet 672-1, July 1961.

Unit Decorations, Awards, and Campaign Participation Credits
Air Force Pamphlet 900-1, July 1971.

Unit Decorations, Awards, and Campaign Participation Credits
Air Force Pamphlet 900-2, November 1981.

Unit Decorations, Awards, and Campaign Participation Credits
Air Force Pamphlet 36-2801, September 1984.

United States Army in World War II
       The Middle East Theater
       The Persian Corridor and Aid to Russia
       by T.H. Vail Motter
       Center of Military History
       United States Army

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Home Page

U.S. Army Office of Medical History

United States Army Quartermaster Center and School

United States Army Quartermaster Museum
       Bundles From The Sky
       Flying Quartermasters - Bundles for Burma Boys
       Introducing the AMSAC
       Supplies for the Troops in Burma - WWII

University of Pennsylvania Archives and Records Center

US 8th AF Little Friends

US Army Air Forces In WWII

US Army Center of Military History

U.S. Army Special Operations Command

USAAF/USAF Air Commando and Special Operations Units from WWII to 2002

USAAF/USAF Combat Weather Team ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

USAF Airlift & Air Refueling Patch Collection

USAF Patch Collectors Forum & Gallery

Walker Army Air Field - A History ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE) ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)


World War II Combat Medic

The World War II Combat Medic ( - no longer active)

The World War II Lecture Institute ( - NO LONGER ACTIVE)

"World War II Order of Battle"
Shelby L. Stanton, 1984.


Carl Adams, Hot Springs Village, AR

J. C. Alberts, Barrington, IL

Robert Allman, Brownwood, TX

Frank Ambrose

Shane Anderson

George Andrejko, Jr., Altoona, FL

Albert Andrews, Berea, OH

SMSgt. David P. Anderson, ANG History Office/NGB-PAI

Larry Arnold, Washington, MI

Jim Augustus

James Baker

Richard Baker, Rindge, NH

Deborah Wilster Barker

George Bartunek, Laguna Hills, CA

James Beatty, Massillon, Ohio

Armond Beguhn, Eau Claire, WI

Jonathan Bernstein

Ken Beyer, Orchard Park, NY

Theresa Biasi

Robert Black, Fountain Hills, AZ

Allan Blue, Bendersville, PA

Lee Bly, Horseheads, NY

Mark Boland, Waldorf, MD

Hope Bone, Lebanon, OH

Charles Booth, Ashland, OR

Robert Bourlier, Bradenton, FL

Ralph Breckenridge, Winter Park, FL

Tim Breeden

Steve Bricker, Dayton, OH

Michael Brown, Portland, OR

Mark Bursian, Rapid City, MI

Capt. Steven Byrum, USAF

Frank Cabral, Newington, Connecticut

Jeff Campbell

William Carlin, Conshohocken, PA

Capt. Erik Carlson, USAF

Glenn Carman

Tom Carr, Natick, MA

Shane Carroll

Ray Carpenter, Portland, OR

Park Carter, Eureka, KS

James Casey

Peter Castner

Todd Chisam

Cory Christensen

John Clark, Cuddebackville, NY

Thomas G. Clark

John Collier

Billie Conrad, Valley City, OH

Bill Cook, Bangor, Maine

Joe Cooper, Delray Beach, FL

Jim Corbitt, Dayton, OH

Chuck Cortright

Samuel Crabtree, Howell, NJ

Alessandro Croseri

Dave Dale, St. Louis, MO

Joe Dantonio, Roseville, CA

Simon Davies

Chris Davis

Louis DeRosa

Lt. Col. Steven DiMatteo, USAF

George Dively

Virginia Dyer

Phillip R. Earles, Princeton, IN

Mitzi Easley, Austin, TX

Tom Egleston, Jacksonville, FL

Cliff R. Elliot, Worchester, MA

Clifford Emling, Cleveland, OH

Jacob Engelbrect, Frederick, MD

Thomas Evans, Nashville, TN

Robert Fagelson, Nagadoches, TX

Frank "Bud" Farrell, Tucson, AZ

Ray Fincham

David Firman, Lutherville, MD

David Fisher

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Phil Galvano

Henry Gates

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Rob Getz

Bernie Gold

Clarence Gordon

Karen Grubaugh, Boerne, TX

James Hacker

Joe Harding, Ringoes, NJ

Loy Harper, Lehigh Acres, FL

Barbara Hayes, Portsmouth, NH

Melinda Hengl

Glenn Hensley, Kirkwood, MO

Ken Hoelscher, Dayton, OH

Thurman Holder, Long Beach, CA

Jane Holman, Houston, TX

Herbert Holzmann, San Antonio, TX

Terry L. Horstead

Don House, Lancaster, PA

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Michael James

Frank Jasek, Waco, TX

Arnold Johnson

William Johnson

Harry Kaplan

Al Kaufman, Modesto, CA

David Kaufman

Joe Kelleher

Clark King

Dwight King

Nick King

Capt. Norbert "Bert" King II, USAF

Peter Kirkup

David Krier

Dick Kurzenberger

Lee La Prise, South Hadley, MA

Valerie Laam

Melvin Lam

Robert Larson, Fort Collins, CO

Howard Lasker, Albany, NY

Dr. Irving Leff, Claremont, CA

Allison Leinbach

Leo (Sapienza) Leonhart, Tucson, AZ

David Lesjak

Peter Lieback, Fairfield, New Jersey

James Liebgott

George Lockwood

Jim Logue

Charles Louis

Ann MacKay, Warner Robins, GA

Douglas MacLeod

Donald Marsch, Hanover, PA

Robert Martin, Fayetteville, AR

Jay Marvin

Bill Matthis

Capt. Christopher Mazzei, USAF

Dolores McDonald

Phil McGonagle, North Berwick, ME

Brian McManus, Wind Lake, WI

William McManus, Milwaukee, WI

Harold McWhorter

Russell Melton, Seymour, IN

Chuck Mette, Olean, NY

Tom Miller, Allentown, PA

John Morse, St. Petersburg, FL

John Mulioli

James Myers, Terre Haute, IN

Raymond Nech, Salina, KS

Walt Neidert, San Antonio, TX

James Nelson, Pittsgrove, NJ

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Marty Oxenburg, Elkins Park, PA

John Patrick

Joseph Patterson

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Brent Peeples

Glenn Pendleton

Robert Pierce, Lakewood, CO

Frank Polaski, Tampa Bay, FL

Greg Polaski, Pembroke Pines, FL

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Zadoc A. Pool

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Johnny Signor, Palm Bay, FL

Robert Standley, Keizer, OR

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Luke Strass

Mark Styling, England

Doug Thomas

John "Jack" Thomas

Richard Thome, Columbus, OH

Joe Thompson, Secane, PA

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Ford Tolbert, Glenpool, OK

Vicky Trotter, Ashville, OH

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A.R. Van De Weghe, River Edge, NJ

Clif Voshen

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David Wilma, Seattle, WA

Kathy Worley

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