Ex-CBI Roundup
January 2005 Issue

The withdrawal of the two Chinese divisions back to China, from Burma, ordered by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. This left a large void in the area in which they operated. The British were unable to fill the area with troops vacated by the Chinese and thus the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Detachment 101 was tasked the mission with its "Kachin Rangers," numbering 10,800 indigenous soldiers at the time, at full strength, comprising four (4) battalions.

American/Kachin Rangers, composed mainly of Kachins, Northern Burma tribesmen, some Shans and few other indigenous people. These troops were clothed, armed and trained by the officers and men of the OSS Detachment 101.

Burma - April 14, 1942 to July 12, 1945


The first United States unit to form an intelligence screen and organize and employ a large guerrilla army deep in enemy territory.

They pioneered the unique art of unconventional warfare, later incorporated as fundamental combat skills for our Army Special Forces (Green Berets). They have been credited with the highest "kill/loss ratio" for any infantry-type unit in American military history.

The Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation award to Department 101 says in part, The courage and fighting spirit displayed by its officers and men in offensive action against overwhelming enemy strength reflect the highest tradition of the armed forces of the United States," signed Dwight D. Eisenhower, Chief of Staff, January 17, 1946. He was of the opinion that Detachment 101 performed in an outstanding manner, one of the most difficult and hazardous assignments that any military unit had ever been called upon to perform.


Total Det. 101 personnel
       Enlisted men

Highest guerrilla strength10,800
Espionage agents with radios162
U.S. personnel killed, all causes27
Native personnel killed338
Espionage agents40
Japanese killed5,400
Additional Japanese estimated killed or wounded10,000
Japanese captured78
Bridges demolished57
Trains derailed9
Vehicles destroyed - captured272
Supplies destroyed - captured - tons15,000
Allied men rescued425
Intelligence furnished to Northern Combat Command (NCAC)85%
Targets designed for 10th U.S. Air Force75%

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