Corps of Engineers, Headquarters, Construction Service
209th Engineer Combat Battalion
352nd Engineer General Service Regiment
393d Engineer General Service Regiment
479th Engineer Maintenance Company
504th Engineer Light Pontoon Company
653d Engineer Topographic Battalion (1)
653d Engineer Topographic Battalion (2)
691st Engineer Base Equipment Company
848th Engineer Aviation Battalion (1)
848th Engineer Aviation Battalion (2)
858th Engineer Battalion (Aviation)
879th Engineer Battalion
900th Airborne Engineer Aviation Company (1)
900th Airborne Engineer Aviation Company (2)
930th Engineer Aviation Regiment
1304th Engineer Construction Battalion (1)
1304th Engineer Construction Battalion (2)
1886th Engineer Aviation Battalion
Engineer Petroleum Distribution (EPD):

       777th EPD Company
       789th EPD Company
       789th EPD Company Photos
       1380th EPD Company (part 1)
       1380th EPD Company (part 2)
       1380th EPD Company:
       1381st EPD Company Movement Orders
       1381st EPD Company Photos
       1382nd EPD Company
       A-B-C Pipeline "Fuel for Freedom"
       Pipeline to Victory
       U.S. Army Pipelines in India (.pdf document)
Combat Engineers
Corps of Engineers in the CBI
Operation Thursday

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