Radio Station XJOY

Ex-CBI Roundup
February 1997 Issue

By Robb Edmonds

After VJ Day while at A5 (Hsinchlng, near Chengtu. China), and awaiting orders authorizing us to leave that festering paradise, I was lucky enough to be assigned as a disc jockey to the Armed Forces radio station, which shared the same building with our 8th ABCD orderly room.

The engineers that put the station on the air initially and kept it here were Tech Sergeant Edgell Bales and Staff Sergeant Harold Hansel Hoffman.

Taking it upon themselves to construct an electric sign to mount over the door to the office, Ihey went to the salvage yard and found two plexiglass windshields from a wrecked C-47, built a 2x4 frame to fit, installed three electric lights, bored holes in the sheets and secured them with wood screws.

They carefully spelled out the station call letters with masking tape and painted the whole lash up light blue. When the tape was removed the letters showed white on blue background, creating what we believed to be the only illuminated-from-within sign in all of Central China. At least no other read XJOY.

ARMED FORCES RADIO STATION, Chengtu, China, located at AS, Hsinching.
Door leads to the office with the "studio" inside the window on the right.
Photo by Robb Edmonds.

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