From Mr. Howdy Sherman:

The 25th Field Hospital was activated in September, 1942 at Camp Breckinridge Ky.  Approximately 250 recruits from Camp Barkely, Texas were assigned to this unit.  The unit was under the command of Lt. Colonel Frank Hanlon from Scranton, Pa.  Our training began at the post hospital under the guidance of doctors and nurses already assigned to the unit.  Training consisted of working as medical and surgical technicians.  This training continued until August, 1943 when the unit was put on alert for overseas duty and embarked for Camp Anza California.  From there we sailed aboard the USS George Washington on Sept 7, 1943 unescorted.  Had stops in Hobart, Tasmania and Perth, Australia and landed in Bombay, India on Oct 20, 1943.  From there we were taken overland to Camp Deololi for approximately 2 weeks and then traveled overland by train and river boat to Ledo, Assam.

Our training continued at Ledo until early January, 1944.  The 25th Hospital was the first hospital to go forward into Burma.  Our first hospital was set up in Shingbwiyang, Burma.  Our primary mission was to follow the Chinese forces already in battle in this area.

Many casualties were encountered here and our group was very busy taking care of the wounded and evacuating them as soon as possible back to Ledo.

As the forces moved into Tagap-Ga, the 25th also moved there and worked along side of the Seagraves hospital.  Two portable surgical units were sent out to work close to the battle area with the Seagraves unit and operated under hectic conditions.  Patients were taken care of as soon as possible and then evacuated by small planes to the 20th General Hospital.

Our mission was to continue following the Chinese as they advanced into Burma.  The 25th set up hospitals in Shadzup, Bhamo, Mytikyina.  and Lashio.  The 25th's last mission was the hospital at Lashio where the Mauraders took over the airstrip.  This also was the last mission for the Mauraders.  They had a terrible loss of men throughout the campaign.  After a short rest period at our hospital they were sent back to Ledo to start a well deserved rest.

Lashio was the 25th's last final destination.  After the surrender by Japan, all thoughts were on getting home and it was not long when orders came to shut everything down.  The 25th then headed for Ledo for a short period then off to a camp near Karachi and soon boarded a ship for the trip home.

An injured Chinese soldier is treated at the 25th Field Hospital in northern Burma, 1944.

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