Photos courtesy of Mr. Leo (Sapienza) Leonhart, Col. (then 1st Lt) Ray Kessler, Mr. Roderick Hall

Photo taken August 1944

Note the person holding the company banner at the left and at the right ends of the photo above. Here they are again:

The person on the right holding the banner looks very much like the person on the left! According to Colonel Kessler, the only living officer of the unit in 2006, the person actually ran behind the group of soldiers as the camera panned from one side to the other. (Special thanks to Leo (Sapienza) Leonhart for splicing three different portions of this picture together.)

Courtesy of Mr. Leo (Sapienza) Leonhart

I am...attaching a cute little cartoon of a "pipeline soldier" that I scanned from one of my dad's (Leo H. Sapienza) v-mails. This is a cartoon that was done by an artist named Saunders. Apparently, he was a bunkmate of my dad's and was brought into the unit (according to Col. Ray Kessler, then a 1LT in the 1381st), to assist with camouflage (which Kessler adds ultimately was not needed). He also did the attached sketch of my dad during the 1381st's training at Camp Claiborne, LA. Finally, there is a picture of my dad posed at a POL pumping station in China. This was taken by someone in the Signal Corps.

Leo H. Sapienza

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