126th AACS

Courtesy of Mr. Chris Blaase

My dad's name is Robert W. Blaase and he lives in Connersville, IN.  He entered the USAAF on 03 Dec 42 and served as a Radio Mechanic in the AACS from 1943-1946.  He went to technical school at Truax Field, Madison, WI and graduated on 09 Jun 43.  He left for the CBI by ship in Feb 44 and arrived in Mar 44.  He was assigned to detachments of the 126th AACS Squadron at Agra and Karachi, India and Jiwani, Baluchistan.

AACS Sleeping Quarters, Jiwani

Robert Blaase and RAF Lancaster Heavy Bomber, Jiwani, 1944.
A flight of Lancasters landed and the one parked next to the one in the picture rear-ended the plane in front of it as they were taxing to park - tore up the cockpit and injured one of the pilots.  No picture, though.

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