May 1944

MONDAY, 1 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 18 P-38s and Royal Air Force (RAF) Vengeances hit troop positions and supply dumps; 7 P-40s over the Mogaung Valley hit Kamaing and attack positions N of Nanyaseik; 30+ B-24s bomb Maymyo, Mandalay marshalling yard, and oil facilities at Yenangyaung. Moves in India: 20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Tenth Air Force attached to 5320th Air Defense Wing (Provisional), based at Kisselbari with P-40s, sends a detachment to Dinjan; 89th Fighter Squadron, 80th Fighter Group, based at Nagaghuli with P-40s, sends a detachment to Mokelbaria during May.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  92 P-40s hit targets over wide areas of S China, Burma and French Indochina; in Burma, the fighter-bombers knock out a bridge at Wan Lai-Kam and pound a motor pool at Wan Pa-Hsa; in China, they strafe the railroad station and airfield at Yuncheng; in French Indochina, they damage 3 bridges and hit numerous boxcars at Bac Le, Dinh Ca, and Dong Mo, bomb carbide mines at Loc Binh and strafe railroad yards at Dong Dang and Na Cham. In China, 7 B-25s and 8 P-40s bomb Tangyang Airfield and nearby cavalry post; 2 B-25s over Amoy claim a small freighter sunk; and 15 enemy aircraft bomb airstrips at Ankang and Hengyang.

During May, 16th Fighter Squadron, 51st Fighter Group, based at Chengkung, China with P-40s, sends a detachment to Yunnani; the 26th Fighter Squadron, 51st Fighter Group, based at Kunming, China with P-40s, sends a detachment to Liangshan.

STRATEGIC OPERATIONS (Twentieth Air Force):  By this date all 4 B-29 fields in the Chengtu, China area are open to B-29 traffic.


CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  3 B-24s claim 2 freighters sunk in the S end of Formosa Straits.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 12 B-25s hit Kohima and Kalewa; 28 fighter-bombers pound ammunition dumps and other supplies at Mohnyin and N of Nanyaseik; 9 P-38s hit airfields in the Meiktila area; and 7 P-40s attack Lakatkawng and support ground forces in the area; 88th Fighter Squadron, 80th Fighter Group, moves from Mokelbari, India to Shingbwiyang with P-40s and during the month, a detachment begins operating from Myitkyina.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 7 Chinese-American Composite Wing (CACW) B-25s bomb the Mihsien town area and also hit numerous vehicles and troops NE of Mihsien, between Yochou and Hsuchang, at Chihsien and N of Yenling; the B-25s also strafe the town of Hsiangcheng; 4 B-25s and 8 P-40s pound storage area at Tangyang airfield; 10 CACW P-40s score 11 direct hits on a bridge over the Yellow River NW of Chenghsien, and destroy 15 trucks and many troops between Loyang and Luchou. In French Indochina, 10 other P-40s on armed reconnaissance sink 9 sampans near Cat Ba Island, knock out a bridge at Bac Le, damage another at Kep, and pound Na Cham railroad yards.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, a single B-24 bombs Akyab; 12 B-25s damage a bridge at Kalemyo and bomb Tiddim; 24 B-24s bomb Mandalay marshalling yard and barracks and the general area at Maymyo; 2 P-51s knock out a bypass bridge near Shweli.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 8 P-40s hit gun positions at Pailochi; 2 B-25s strafe 12 sampans between Hong Kong and the Luichow Peninsula, killing many soldiers on board.

FRIDAY, 5 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 15 P-38s hit targets along Tiddim road; 3 B-25s bomb the Thayaung Airfield area; 80+ P-40s, P-51s, A-36s and B-25s carry out support of ground forces, hit gun positions and supply dumps, attack troop concentrations and blast numerous targets of opportunity throughout the Mogaung Valley; 3 B-25s and 6 fighter-bombers hit an ammunition dump N of Mohnyin; and 12 P-38s bomb a large warehouse E of Monywa. 6 B-24s lay mines in the harbor off Koh Si Chang Island, Thailand.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  11 B-24s bomb docks and shipping at Haiphong, French Indochina. In Burma, P-40s damage bridges at Hsenwi and Wan Pa-Hsa and hit barracks and destroy several trucks at Kentung. In China, 8 B-25s and 23 fighter-bombers attack the warehouse area at Chiuchiang, causing large fires; 25 CACW B-25s and P-40s thoroughly pound Sinyang marshalling yard and storage area; and 10 P-40s sweep the road from Loyang to Juchou, claiming 40-50 vehicles and numerous troops destroyed.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 14 B-25s bomb Indainggyi, destroy the Sibong bridge and damage a road at Hpaungzeik; 90+ P-40s, P-51s and B-25s attack a wide variety of targets throughout the Mogaung Valley; 18 fighter-bombers and 6 B-25s support ground forces at Mawlu while 3 B-25s and 4 P-51s hit positions at Nalong.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  61 P-40s and 5 B-25s attack targets throughout S China and French Indochina. In China, numerous vehicles and troops are destroyed in the Hsiangcheng, Loyang and Luchou areas; main buildings at Nanchang mines are destroyed, Sienning bridge is damaged and several railroad cars and vehicles are destroyed near Puchi; and 14 B-25s and 25 fighter-bombers pound the airfield and surrounding area at Hankow. In French Indochina, 8 boxcars are destroyed and 70 more damaged between Thanh Moi and Bac Le and between Phu Lang Thuong and Lang Son; a barge is sunk at Campha Port and numerous sampans and small craft sunk or damaged at Cat Ba Island.

Detachment of 22d Bombardment Squadron (Medium), 341st Bombardment Group (Medium), operating from Yunnani, China with B-25s returns to base at Yangkai.

SUNDAY, 7 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 15 P-38s hit the Kangaung area; 4 P-40s hit targets of opportunity along the road from N of Nanyaseik to Kamaing. 4 B-24s lay mines in the Gulf of Siam off Sattahib, Thailand.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 4 B-25s hit vehicle concentrations W and NW of Hsiangcheng and bomb the town of Chiahsien and 4 P-40s destroy at least 25 trucks between the 2 towns; 8 P-40s destroy or damage 40-60 trucks, tanks and other vehicles during road sweeps from Loyang to Yenshih and from Yehhsien to Paofeng; 8 P-40s strafe forces and equipment E of Luchou, while 4 hit railroad targets of opportunity at Lang Son, French Indochina.

MONDAY, 8 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 9 B-24s and 9 B-25s bomb Moirang and a village to the N, causing considerable damage including the destruction of a road bridge; 12 P-38s hit Kangaung Airfield.

EUROPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONS (ETO):  General Dwight D Eisenhower sets D-Day for the Normandy invasion as 5 Jun; the date subsequently will be changed to 6 Jun.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 100+ RAF Vengeances, P-51s and B-25s hit positions and occupied areas at Moirang, Kanglatongbi, Myothit and SE of Palel, and severely damage a bridge over the Uyu River near Nawngpu-awng; Mogaung Valley targets, including targets in support of ground forces near Kamaing, are pounded by 60+ B-25s, A-36s, P-51s and P-40s; 9 P-51s hit troops and gun positions at Mawlu and Namkwin and hit the Nalong area; 3 B-24s blast the barracks area at Nagorn Sawarn while 3 P-51s hit Anisakan Airfield, destroying or damaging 20+ trucks, 2 aircraft and a locomotive; 8 B-24s lay mines in the Moulmein area, 2 others make a diversionary strike on Martaban, and 5 mine the Mergui waterfront.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  HQ 33d Fighter Group moves from Shwangliu to Pungchacheng, China.


CHINA-BURMA-INDIA (CBI) THEATER OF OPERATIONS:  In a drive to free the Burma Road, Chinese troops cross the Salween River on a 100-mi (160 km) front and attack Japanese positions in N Burma.

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 70+ B-25s, A-36s, P-51s, P-40s and 10 B-24s blast numerous targets, concentrating on barracks and storage in the Myitkyina-Mogaung vicinity and also hitting gun positions and bridges at Kamaing and railroad siding and buildings at Mohnyin; 16 P-38s destroy several aircraft in strikes on Aungban and Kangaung Airfields.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  P-40s sink 6 large junks and damage several others in Fan Tou Bay, China and destroy several trucks between Wan Pa-Hsa and Mong Ho Pung, Burma. 28 P-40s bomb Tengchung, China town area, strafe a nearby truck convoy, damage bridges at Tingka, China; Bac Le, French Indochina; and Hsenwi, Burma; hit a power dam at Tasa, French Indochina; bomb a tank and truck dispersal area at Hsiangcheng, China; and hit 30+ railroad cars at Lang Giai, Dong Dang and Na Cham, French Indochina.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 70+ B-25s, A-36s, P-51s and P-40s, attack the Myitkyina and Pinbaw areas, Sahmaw, targets NW of Kamaing, gun positions at Nsopzup and targets of opportunity along the road from Inkangahtawng to Kamaing; 24 P-51s attack the airfield at Meiktila, Anisakan and Heho, shooting down 13 aircraft in the area; 14 B-24s pound Maymyo railroad station; 12 B-25s attack the railroad in the Shwebo-Sagaing area; and 12 other B-25s knock out bridges at Pyu, Thawatti, Ela and 7 mi (11.2 km) S of Ela.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 24 P-40s knock out the main bridge N of Mangshih, bomb the town area of Lungchwanchiang, and in French Indochina, damage a radio station on Cat Ba Island and destroy several large junks off shore, and attack a power dam W of Cao Bang, buildings at Dong Dang, and boxcars and oil drums at Lang Giai. In China, 6 B-25s and 24 P-40s (some firing rockets) pound railroad yards and depot at Sinyang, blast a warehouse area 30 mi (48 km) to the N and sink a small freighter, 3 motor launches and several sampans between Siaokan and Chienli; 2 B-25s and 4 P-40s hit troops, tanks and trucks in the Yenshih-Tengfeng-Mihsien area and in the Luchou-Hsiangcheng vicinity; 6 P-40s pound supply dumps at Mienchih and 13 P-40s sink at least 5 supply boats on the Yangtze River in the Hosueh area.

FRIDAY, 12 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 4 B-25s strike the Tiddim road NNW of Tonzang; 50+ B-25s and fighter-bombers knock out a railroad bridge at Pinbaw, pound gun positions and supply area at Myitkyina and hit defensive positions near Kazu-Tiangsup; 4 B-25s damage Myothit bridge while 8 P-38s bomb Kyaukye; 21 P-51s hit airfields at Meiktila and Heho, claiming 8 Japanese aircraft downed; 4 B-25s knock out a bridge at Daga while 2 others bomb a camp at Taungbaw.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  16 P-40s and 11 B-25s hit several targets in S China and in French Indochina. In China, military installations, artillery positions and tank concentrations are pounded in the Yoyang area, a bridge and several trucks are damaged at Sienning, a naval vessel is attacked at Hong Kong and in French Indochina, a radio station on Cat Ba Island is bombed and railroad yards, supply dump, and river junks are blasted in the Phu Langi Thuong area; and HQ 81st Fighter Group moves from Karachi, India to Kwanghan.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, nearly 100 P-40s and P-51s over the Mogaung Valley hit gun positions, bridges, support ground forces (near Nanyaseik) and hit numerous targets of opportunity throughout the whole valley; 12 A-36s hit positions near Maungdaw; 19 B-25s pound several points along the road and bomb troop concentrations at Bishenpur; 30+ B-24s, B-25s, A-36s, and P-51s hit Indaw, Taungbaw and Mohnyin; and 11 B-25s bomb Monywa.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 19 B-25s hit storage and warehouse areas at Mangshik and Lungling, a bridge at Hsenwi, truck and tank concentrations SW of Loyang, and town area of Lungling; 39 P-40s hit military installations at Mengta and Tating, a village N of Kaitou bridge at Tingka and a truck concentration at Yingyangchen.

STRATEGIC OPERATIONS (Twentieth Air Force):  771st Bombardment Squadron (Very Heavy), 462d Bombardment Squadron (Very Heavy), arrives at Piardoba, India from the US with B-29s; first mission is 5 Jun.

SUNDAY, 14 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 12 P-38s hit Tiddim road at Tonzang, causing a roadblock; 11 P-40s hit a bridge and road at Kazu and railroad shed at Myitkyina; 25 B-25s and P-51s hit troop positions at Hopin; Meiktila and Heho Airfields are hit by 20+ P-51s and P-38s; the fighters claim 4 aircraft downed in combat; and 528th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 311th Fighter-Bomber Group, moves from Dinjan, India to Tingkawk Sakan with P-51s.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 60 P-40s and P-51s hit trucks at Yoyang, river shipping, boxcars, and trucks at Pailochi and Sienning and a storage area at Shayang; 20 other P-40s bomb and strafe towns near Mamien Pass, Pingkai and areas around Mengta and Tating; 6 Japanese bombers hit Kienow, rendering the airfield temporarily unusable.

MONDAY, 15 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 19 B-25s pound targets of opportunity along the Tiddim road; 20+ B-25s and fighter-bombers hit gun positions at Hopin and the airfield at Myitkyina; 17 P-38s attack Heho and Kangaung Airfield, claiming 15 aircraft destroyed, most of them in the air; 7 B-24s bomb Myitkyina, Kalewa and Mandalay.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  B-25s strike Kengluang bridge, Siam and hit installations near Wan Pa-Hsa, Burma. P-40s strafe troops near Pingkai, Burma, and along Mamien Pass and in the Mengta area of China. 92d Fighter Squadron, 81st Fighter Group, moves from Karachi, India to Kwanghan, China with P-47s; first mission is 1 Jun.

TUESDAY, 16 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, about 70 B-25s and fighter-bombers hit the Myitkyina and Hogin areas; 11 B-24s hit Ywataung and Sagaing marshalling yards and the town of Akyab.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  8 B-24s blast the motor pool and warehouse areas at Mangshih.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 18 B-25s bomb Chauk oil installations while 20 P-38s hit Kangaung Airfield; B-25s and fighter-bombers fly 90 sorties against Mogaung Valley targets, hitting targets of opportunity at Kazu and Namti and a bridge at Kamaing and supporting ground forces in the Myitkyina area.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, P-40s support ground forces at Mamien Pass, hit Japanese positions at Tatangtzu, damage a bridge and several trucks at Shweli, Burma, strafe troops at Luchiangpa and bomb and strafe a horse pack train near Tengchung; 7 B-25s and 13 P-40s pound the Shayang barracks area and hit troops and vehicles NE of Shasi.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 140+ fighter-bombers and 6 B-25s pound numerous targets throughout the Mogaung Valley, concentrating on bridges (at least 4 are knocked out) and support of ground forces in areas around Myitkyina, Nanyaseik, Kamaing, Namkwin, Kazu, Lonkin and Katkyo; 8 B-25s knock out a Mu River bridge and damage Chaungu bridge approaches; 12 P-38s destroy several aircraft at Shwebo.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 6 B-25s and 12 P-40s pound barracks and warehouse areas at Chienyangi, causing many fires; 30 P-40s support ground forces in the Salween area, hitting troops and positions at Tengchung, Tatangtzu, Mamien Pass and Luchiangpa; 12 B-24s bomb the towns of Lungling and Tengchung; 25 CACW and Chinese Air Force (CAF) P-40s attack trucks, armor and troops at Chueh-shan and Loning, causing widespread destruction.

FRIDAY, 19 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, A-36s, P-40s, P-51s and a few B-25s fly 140+ attack sorties against various targets in the Mogaung Valley, concentrating on gun positions in the Myitkyina area; 8 B-25s damage railroad tracks in the Myingatha-Saye area and 16 P-38s hit the airfield at Nawnghkio.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 31 fighters support ground forces in the Salween area at Chiangtso, Watien, and Mamien Pass; 4 P-40s knock out a bridge at Shweli, Burma, 13 P-40s bomb and strafe the Puchi area and 16 P-40s and P-38s damage a bridge at Tayeh and hit military installations and other buildings at Yangsin; 11 P-51s bomb a village near Anking, causing large explosions and fires; 2 B-24s on a sea sweep seriously damage 2 freighters S of Hong Kong; 16 CACW P-40s pound trucks, tanks and troops in the Ichang-Tangyang-Loyang area and attack river traffic at Itu on the Yangtze River.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 100+ A-36s, P-40s and P-51s pound gun positions, attack bridges, bomb troops and hit numerous targets of opportunity in areas around Myitkyina, Kamaing, Nanyaseik, and Nsopzup; 16 RAF Vengeances and 2 P-38s hit targets in the Arakan area, including a signal center SE of Buthidaung, gun positions SE of Maungdaw and a jetty at Akyab; about 40 B-24s and P-51s hit oil installations at Yenangyaung and Chauk, airfield at Pakokku, and town of Akyab. In India, HQ 1st Air Commando Group moves from Hailakandi to Asansol; the group consists of the following sections: bomber (B-25s), fighter (P-51s), light-plane (L-1 & L-5), transport (C-47), glider (CG-4) and light-cargo (UC-64); the bomber section is eliminated and after converting from P-51s to P-47s, the group begins a training program; a detachment of 9th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, 8th Photographic Reconnaissance Group, operating from Dinjan since Sep 43 returns to base at Barrackpore with F-5s.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 19 B-24s attack a convoy S of Hong Kong claiming 2 motor launches sunk and damaging several larger vessels; 3 B-24s are lost at sea; 37 P-40s hit trucks, armored vehicles, river traffic and troops in or near Shasi, Ichang, Tangyang, Chingmen, Loyang and Loning; on the Salween front 43 fighters and 8 B-25s support ground forces and damage a bridge N of Tengchung over the Shweli River.

SUNDAY, 21 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 120+ P-40s, P-51s, A-36s and B-25s hit Mogaung, Myitkyina, the Talawgyi-Hokat area, and Kamaing; gun positions around Myitkyina and Mogaung are also hit; a single B-24 bombs NW part of Mandalay; 20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 8th Photographic Reconnaissance Group, based at Kisselbari, India with P-40s, sends a detachment to Tingkawk Sakan.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  27th Troop Carrier Squadron, 443d Troop Carrier Group, moves from Sylhet, India to Yunnani, China; during the next nine months, detachments will operate from Chanyi, Chengtu and Kunming at various times.

MONDAY, 22 MAY 1944

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 2 B-25s attack a large concentration of sampans in Honghai Bay; 2 others heavily damage a 150-ft (45.7 m) cargo vessel near Hong Kong; 22 P-51s pound the town of Anking and military area NE of Nanchang; 24 P-40s hit the Sienning area, bombing a factory W of town, damaging a bridge near town, and strafing numerous trucks in the vicinity; 23 P-40s hit road and river traffic in areas around Loyang, Loning, and Itu; and 5 P-40s bomb Yangsin.

TUESDAY, 23 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 12 P-38s bomb Tiddim road; 12 B-24s bomb the Indaw marshalling yard and Homalin; 16 P-38s attack Kangaung Airfield; and 23 P-40s and 4 A-36s bomb gun positions, troops and supply dumps in the Myitkyina area.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 20+ P-40s in the Myitkyina vicinity destroy 8 barracks buildings and knock out a railway bridge and a machinegun post; a single B-24 bombs Gwa in the Arakan area.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 28 P-38s sweep over the Mandalay area; 12 of them hit about 10 railroad cars near Shwebo, leaving them burning; B-24s hit targets in the Katha area, 6 of them bombing Indaw and 4 bombing the Naba rail junction area.

FRIDAY, 26 MAY 1944

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 23 P-40s sink several supply boats on the Yangtze River near Shihshow, strafe troops at Shasi, hit road traffic near Loyang and strafe pontoon bridges, supply dumps and troops at Shanhsien; 7 P-40s bomb the town of Hsing-tzu; and 2 B-25s damage a small tanker N of Swatow.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  15 B-24s bomb Pakokku and Nyaung-u, Burma.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force): In China, 24 rocket-firing P-40s hit the barracks area W of Sinyang, military installations and trucks at Nanchang, and troops, trucks, barracks, and warehouse area in the Puchi vicinity.

SUNDAY, 28 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 10 B-24s pound Kalemyo while 8 B-25s hit Tiddim road; 50+ fighter-bombers and a few B-25s hit various targets at or near Mogaung, Myitkyina, Hopin and Sahmaw; 76 fighter-bombers and 24 B-25s bomb marshalling yards at Namma and Katha, hit several targets in the Mohnyin-Hopin area, and bomb a railroad between Naba and Namma. 530th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 311th Fighter-Bomber Group, based at Dinjan, India with P-51s sends a detachment to operated from Kurmitola, India.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 14 P-40s in support of ground forces in the Salween area strafe oil storage at Hsiangta, bomb and strafe the Watien area, and destroy a bridge and damage another on the Shweli River N of Tengchung; and 2 B-25s sink a patrol boat and damage another near Saint John Island.

MONDAY, 29 MAY 1944

BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 27 B-25s and 40+ fighter-bombers pound troops and positions at Bhamo and Mohnyin, the railroad at Mogaung and warehouses at Sahmaw.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  7 B-24s pound areas along the Burma Road, 3 bomb the town of Wanling, Burma, and 2 attack a convoy of Hainan Island, China, claiming a 250-ft (76 m) freighter sunk. In China, 26 P-40s and P-38s attack troops at Lushan, pound barracks and demolish 7 trucks at Yuanchu, bomb and strafe the general area at Nanchang and destroy several buildings along the Hsiang River N of Changsha; and 19th Liaison Squadron, Fourteenth Air Force, attached to Y Force, moves from Ondal, India to Kunming with L-1s and L-5s.

TUESDAY, 30 MAY 1944

ZONE OF INTERIOR (HQ USAAF):  All Fighter-Bomber Groups/Squadrons are redesignated Fighter Groups/Squadrons.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 9 B-25s attack the railroad between Namma and Hopin; B-25s and fighter-bombers fly 100 sorties against railroad targets, hitting tracks, rolling stock, stations, and bridges in the vicinities of Mogaung, Myitkyina, Hopin and Loilaw; the Imphal-Tiddim road is bombed by 3 B-24s.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 48 fighters support ground forces in the Mamien Pass-Watien-Chiangtso area; 31 supply aircraft drop food and ammunition to friendly forces in the Mamien Pass area; 13 B-25s damage the Wan Pa-Hsa, Burma bridge and bomb Lungling, destroying 6 warehouses and starting several big fires; 8 P-51s hit railroad targets of opportunity on sweeps from Peking, Chengting, Pingting, Linfen and Puchou; 16 P-38s and P-51s dive-bomb installations at the W end of the Nanchang bridge, causing much damage; 5 B-25s and 12 P-40s strafe troops, supplies, and occupied strongpoints at Loyang and at several locations along the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers; Japanese air strikes on Hengyang and Liangshan Airfields destroy 4 AAF aircraft, damage several others, and blow up a fuel dump.

EUROPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONS (ETO):  Loading of assault forces for Operation OVERLORD (invasion of Normandy) begins.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 12 B-25s hit the Tiddim road; 130+ B-25s, A-36s, P-51s, and P-40s hit troops, defensive positions, artillery emplacements, boats, railroad facilities, and villages in the Myitkyina- Mogaung area, buildings at Tahona, river boats at Lonkin and Kamaing, docks at Bhamo, railroad cars at Namti, and positions NW of Mohnyin; 21 other B-25s and fighter-bombers pound the Bhamo town area and airfield; and 10 B-24s bomb Ye-u, demolishing several buildings.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  51 P-51s and P-40s pound shipping along the Yangtze River, claiming direct hits on 5 small ships; 16 P-51s and P-40s bomb Kweiyi and Yoyang and installations on the river to the S; 10 P-38s bomb the bridge and warehouse area at Nanchang; 12 P-40s bomb Pingkiang; 4 B-25s bomb Hankow airfield, Pailochi, and motor convoy at Yoyang; 6 other B-25s knock out the bridge at Kengluang; 13 B-24s pound the town of Lungling, causing big fires, while 14 B-24s, supported by P-40s blast the warehouse area at Lashio, Burma; 4 P-40s destroy several aircraft during strafing runs on Linfen and Hohsien Airfields.

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