March 1944


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 8 P-40s score 3 hits on a bridge at Namkwin; 4 others hit the Myitkyina Airfield dispersal area; 56 A-36s and P-51s attack stores and personnel areas at Sawnghka.

93d Fighter Squadron, 81st Fighter Group, arrives at Karachi, India from Italy; they will be equipped with P-47Ds and enter combat on 14 Aug.

Moves in India during March: 90th Fighter Squadron, 80th Fighter Group, from Jorhat to Moran with P-40s; 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, AAF, India-Burma Sector (attached to Tenth Air Force), based at Gushkara, India, sends detachments to Chakulia and Kharagpur with P-51s (first mission is 28 Mar).

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  14 B-25s and 16 P-40s pound a military zone in the NE part of Nanchang, China.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 5 P-51s bomb artillery positions in the Maingkwan area; 20 P-40s hit a fuel dump at Myitkyina, artillery at Shingban, and trucks on a road near Walawbum; 8 A-36s and P-51s hit an encampment on Pagoda Peak near Mogaung.

HQ 81st Fighter Group arrives at Karachi, India from Italy.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In French Indochina, 4 B-25s sink a small steamer near Mon Cay and bomb railroad shops and coal treating plant at Campho. In China, 10 P-38s damage 2 bridges and strafe 2 barracks areas N of Nanchang; 2 P-40s bomb and strafe the airfield and barracks at Kengtung.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 22 B-25s, some supported by Royal Air Force (RAF) Spitfires and Hurricanes, bomb the Ft White area; 10 B-25s and 4 P-51s pound airfields at Katha, Mawlu and Shwebo; 12 B-25s and 8 P-51s hit railroad targets and a warehouse at Kyaikthin and Kyunhla; 14 B-24s covered by 22 P-40s hit airfields at Lashio, Hsenwi and Loiwing; 70+ P-40s, A-36s, P-51s, and B-25s hit fuel storage, supply areas, roads, and other targets over widespread areas of Burma, including Shingban, Myitkyina, Zigyun, Mogaung, Manywet, and Washawng; 6 P-38s attack the Okshitpin bridge but the target is not damaged.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  P-40s damage a coal grading building at Campha Port, French Indochina.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 60+ A-36s, P-51s and P-40s, and a single B-25 bomb dumps, roads, bivouac area, and other targets in the Seton, Sawnghka, Pinbaw and Walawbum areas; numerous fighters carry out patrol and armed reconnaissance sorties in the Sumprabum area.

459th Fighter Squadron, 80th Fighter Group, moves from Kurmitola to Chittagong, India with P-38s.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 5 B-25s and 23 P-40s (16 of them Chinese) pound the airfield at Kiungshan; the airfield is heavily damaged and several parked aircraft are destroyed; 17 Japanese aircraft are claimed shot down; 4 P-38s and 2 Chinese B-25s claim a freighter, a tanker, and a motor launch sunk in the Shihhweiyao and Wuhu areas; 6 waves of Japanese aircraft bomb the airfield at Suichwan, causing considerable damage. In French Indochina, 6 B-25s bomb the Thanh Hoa chromium mine and Campha Port; 2 P-40s strafe railroad yards and warehouses at Hongay and Campha Port; 5 P-40s are dispatched to bomb Cao Bang but because of bad weather attack Chinese-held Lungchow, China by mistake.



BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  B-25s, A-36s, P-51s and P-40s fly more than 60 sorties against targets in Burma, including artillery positions, storage areas, ground troops, roads, and a bridge; the targets are in the Zigon, Shingban, and Myitkyina areas.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  8 B-25s bomb and strafe Chiengmai Airfield, China, destroying 9 aircraft, the water tower and nearby railroad station; the barracks area is also damaged.

EASTERN AIR COMMAND (EAC):  During the night, British Major General Orde C Wingate's Special Force of long-range penetration troops begin dropping by glider onto Japanese lines of communication in C Burma. US engineer troops drop first, followed by the British 77 and 111 Brigades. USAAF Colonel Philip G Cochran's Air Commando unit flies them in, dropping them on a strip designated Broadway, about 50 miles (80 km) NE of Indaw. Another projected drop site, Piccadilly, is unusable as the Japanese have blocked it with fallen trees. Of 67 gliders dispatched, 32 reach Broadway. 539 men, 3 mules and 65,972 pounds (29,925 kg) of supplies are safely put down, including such items as bulldozers and lighting apparatus.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 4 B-25s knock the center span out of the Sittang bridge and blast 2 AA positions; 14 B-25s lay mines around Kham Yai Island, bomb nearby Prong Island, and hit the marshalling yard at Pegu; 18 P-51s and P-40s attack Sawnghka bridge with poor results, start fires near Lalawng Ga, and bomb dumps near Walawbum.

A flight of the 20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, AAF India-Burma Sector (attached to Tenth Air Force), begins operating from Kisselbari, India with P-40s; the squadron is based at Guskhara, India.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 20+ P-51s and A-36s on armed reconnaissance hit targets of opportunity from Walawbum to Shaduzup; 2 B-25s hit troop concentrations NW of Shaduzup and another attacks road bridge and barges near Shwebo and along the Irrawaddy River; offensive reconnaissance over several airfields in Burma results in no major action.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 28 P-51s hit the airfields at Anisakan, Shwebo, and Onbauk, destroying 30+ Japanese aircraft; later 5 B-25s and 2 P-51s hit Shwebo, scoring hits along the runway and in the dispersal area and leaving several Japanese aircraft aflame; 3 B-25s hit 2 bridges at Lalawng Ga and Warazup, knocking out the latter; and 16 A-36s and P-51s hit targets of opportunity from Chanmoi to Shaduzup.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  26th Fighter Squadron, 51st Fighter Group, based at Kunming, China with P-51s sends a detachment to operate from Nanning.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 6 B-24s bomb Tavoy Airfield and office area while 8 others hit the town of Mogaung; the town area, supply dumps and road bridge at Kamaing are pounded by 10 B-24s, 16 P-51s, and 10 P-40s; the bridge is knocked out; 10 B-25s score numerous hits on airstrips at Indaw and Katha; and P-51s, P-40s, and A-36s hit storage at Pyindaw, and support ground forces at Walawbum and Shaduzup.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  18 Chinese-American Composite Wing (CACW) B-25s and 24 Chinese P-40s pound a foundry and floating docks at Shihhweiyao, China. In French Indochina, 40+ P-40s carry out several sea sweeps off the coast and fly armed reconnaissance over the NE; the fighters damage vessels off Campha Port, strafe the airfield at Mon Cay, bomb the airfield at Weichow Island (causing heavy damage), hit barracks at Luc Nam, damage vessels at Hongay and bomb military installations at Cao Bang.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 23 B-24s pound the town areas of Mogaung and Kamaing during the afternoon, following an earlier B-25 raid on Kamaing; 40+ P-40s, P-51s, and P-38s hit gun positions S of Walawbum, troops and storage areas W of Mogaung at Pahok, trains near Myitnge and Anisakan, the airfield at Anisakan, and the town area of Laban.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 6 B-24s bomb Kowloon Docks; B-25s from Suichwan sink a motor launch and damage 2 cargo vessels and a barge in the Anking area; escorting P-38s shoot down several interceptors; P-40s and P-51s on armed reconnaissance bomb or strafe barracks and shipping at Foochow, airfield and barracks at Nanchang, factory, barracks, and bridge near Sienning, and in French Indochina, freighters at Hongay and Campha Port, barracks at Ha Coi, and the area E of Lang Son.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 70+ fighter-bombers (P-40s, P-51s and A-36s) and 2 B-25s hit fuel and ammunition dumps, gun positions, roads and general targets of opportunity in or near Saungka, Pandaw, Walawbum, Labang Gahtawng, Shaduzup and Mogaung.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In French Indochina, 10 P-40s damage 3 barges at Campha Port, hit buildings on Weichow Island, China and attack the town area at Ha Coi.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force): In Burma, 50+ P-40s, A-36s, and P-51s, along with a single B-25, pound troops and supply areas at Shedwiyang and near Kamaing, bomb the town of Shaduzup, and hit storage areas near Manywet and Malakawng.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 140+ P-40s, A-36s, and P-51s along with 2 B-25s pound numerous targets of opportunity in the Shaduzup area, knock out a span of a bridge in Shaduzup, hit the town of Loilaw, pound supply and ammunition dumps near Warazup and Seton, and bomb a building area N of Namti.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 8 B-24s and 4 P-40s attack the airfield and seaplane anchorage at Kiungshan on Hainan Island; and 16 P-40s bomb a bridge at Puchi, scoring direct hits on both approaches.

HQ 312th Fighter Wing is activated at Kunming, China.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 90+ P-51s, A-36s, and P-40s, along with 3 B-25s, hit Japanese troops, bridges, dumps, and villages in the Mogaung Valley.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 20 Japanese bombers hit airfields at Hengyang and Suichwan; surprise prevents effective interception by AAF fighters.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 31 B-24s and 20+ Royal Air Force (RAF) Wellingtons and Beaufighters pound supply dumps and targets of opportunity in the Rangoon area while 8 other B-24s hit barracks near Bangkok, Thailand; numerous US and RAF medium and fighter-bombers attack villages, Japanese positions, ammunition dumps, tanks, and many other targets of opportunity in the Chin Hills, at Chindwin, in the Mogaung Valley, and in areas around Mandalay.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  6 B-25s damage a bridge at Nattalin near Rangoon, Burma.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 7 P-40s on a Yangtze River sweep damage 2 launches near Yoyang and pound barracks and storage at Sienning.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 24 B-24s and 12 P-38s attack supply dumps in the Kalewa area in the Chin Hills region; 30+ B-25s, P-51s and A-36s damage Shweli and Mogaung bridges and hit positions and supply dumps in the Kamaing area; 37 P-40s blast the Myitkyina Airfield; numerous other aircraft fly miscellaneous sorties over the Sumprabum area; and 2 B-25s cause fires among oil installations at Chauk.

24th Photographic Squadron (Heavy), Tenth Air Force, based at Guskhara, India with F-7s, sends a detachment to operate from Hsinching, China.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In French Indochina, 5 B-25s bomb and strafe boatyards at Vinh and hit lumber stores and sawmills at nearby Ben Thuy.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 22 B-25s attack villages and oil storage areas near Kalewa while 16 B-24s and 41 RAF Vengeance's pound the same general area hitting Japanese positions and causing many fires; 20+ P-51s and B-25s support ground forces near Chindwin; 14 others hit a truck park and supply area near Mandalay; and 20+ fighter-bombers (P-51s, P-40s and A-36s) bomb the Kamaing area while 10 more damage several riverboats near Katha.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 16 P-40s on a Yangtze River sweep sink 1 large sailboat and strafe a transport ship at Chiuchiang. In French Indochina, 2 P-40s damage a bridge N of Haiphong and attack targets of opportunity in the area, while 2 others sink 2 large junks at Thuong Mo; 12 P-40s on armed reconnaissance from Nanning, China sink a barge and damage other craft at Quang Yen, sink a transport vessel at Campha Port and damage a nearby bridge, attack a train and several buildings in the Lang Son area, and damage a railroad bridge between Lang Son and Phu Lang Thuong.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 20+ B-25s and P-38s hit Wuntho; 70+ fighter-bombers and 2 B-25s over the Mogaung Valley bomb supply dumps, enemy positions, and targets of opportunity throughout the area, concentrating attacks in and near Kamaing, Mogaung and Sumprabum; and 16 P-51s hit barracks and a supply area at Meiktila Airfield near Mandalay while B-25s hit Indaw.

82d Bombardment Squadron (Medium), 12th Bombardment Group (Medium), arrives at Tezgaon, India from Italy with B-25s; first mission is 21 Apr.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 2 B-25s, 9 P-38s and 3 P-51s on a Yangtze River sweep damage several river vessels, hit a fort at Chihchow and bomb Nanchang Airfield.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In the Arakan area of Burma, 12 RAF Vengeance's hit Japanese positions near Kaladan and Buthidaung while 6 P-38s severely damage a bridge at Lamu; 20+ B-25s and P-51s hit communication and transportation targets in the Katha area; 6 B-24s bomb the Moulmein-Martaban area; and 100+ fighter-bombers strike Mogaung Valley buildings and supply areas, and fuel dumps at Mogaung, Myitkyina, Sumprabum and Sahmaw.

81st Bombardment Group (Medium), 12th Bombardment Group (Medium), arrives at Tezgaon, India from Italy with B-25s; first mission is 16 Apr.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  Photo reconnaissance sorties are flown over C China and NE Burma.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 25 B-25s and P-51s destroy 1 bridge and damage another near Meza, pound buildings and targets of opportunity in the Mawlu area and hit a locomotive and several trucks in the Banmauk-Indaw area; 6 P-38s bomb Monywa oil dumps, causing several large fires; and 80+ fighter-bombers and 2 B-25s hit the town of Manywet, storage area at Myitkyina, buildings at Kamaing and Myitkyina, and warehouses, bypass, and bridge at Hopin.

HQ 12th Bombardment Group (Medium) arrives at Tezgaon, India and 83d and 434th Bombardment Squadrons (Medium) arrive at Kurmitola, India from Italy with B-25s; first mission is 27 Apr.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  Japanese troops move into India from Burma and penetrate to 30 miles (48 km) E of Imphal. In Burma, 100+ fighters and fighter-bombers over the Mogaung Valley attack troops, storage, and other targets and cause several fires throughout the area; 20+ P-51s and B-25s carry out ground support missions in the Mawlu area near Katha; near Rangoon 4 B-24s set fire to P-38 damages railroad bridges and several trucks at Pyinmana.

92d Fighter Squadron, 81st Fighter Group, arrives at Karachi, India from Italy; they will be equipped with P-47s and enter combat on 1 Jun.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In French Indochina, 4 B-25s from Yangkai, China hit several targets in and around Phu Dien Chau, Ha Trung, Dong Giao and Nam Dinh; results include 3 locomotives destroyed and another damaged, 3 125-ft (38 m) steamers damaged, and a bridge roadbed weakened; 1 B-25 is lost.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In the Chin Hills region of Burma, 12 B-24s and 10 P-38s bomb Kalewa, and 9 B-25s attack Kaing and Shwebo; in the Katha area 12 P-51s bomb Naba Station while 12 others join 9 B-25s in attacking ammunition and gas dumps at Indaw; 4 P-40s bomb stores at Kamaing while 30+ other fighters fly armed reconnaissance over the Mogaung Valley in general; and 12 B-24s pound Moulmein jetty and attack Moulmein-Bangkok railroad targets, destroying 2 bridges, damaging several others, and scoring effective hits on 2 trains.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In French Indochina, B-25s on a railroad sweep N from Vinh destroy 2 engines and several boxcars at Van Trai Station yards and attack 3 bridges between Vinh and Thanh Hoa.

HQ 312th Fighter Wing moves from Kunming to Chengtu, China.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In the Mandalay, Burma area 12 B-24s and 10 P-38s bomb Pyingaing dump, 9 B-25s hit Shwebo railroad yards and a nearby factory, and 8 P-51s attack Gokteik Viaduct; 4 P-40s bomb Japanese positions near Shaduzup.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 8 B-24s hit Mogaung supply dumps, causing fires and much smoke; 12 P-40s bomb the Kamaing area; Japanese aircraft (5 medium bombers and 30 fighters) attack Allied airstrips at Chittagong and Cox's Bazaar, India and Anisakan, Burma; Tenth Air Force and RAF interceptors claim 7 aircraft shot down.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 6 B-24s from Chengkung bomb a motor pool and fuel dump at Mangshih, demolishing a sizeable portion of the target area.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 3 B-24s and 3 B-25s bomb troops along the Imphal-Tiddim road near Chindwin; 70+ fighter-bombers and a lone B-25 attack targets in the Mogaung Valley area, including airfields at Manywet and Myitkyina, and bridges, roads, railroads and targets of opportunity at Mogaung, Kamaing and Myitkyina; in the Katha area 8 P-51s and 3 B-25s hit a Japanese bivouac NE of Bhamo and claim 6 warehouses destroyed at Nankan.

20th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Tenth Air Force [attached to 5320th Air Defense Wing (Provisional)] moves from Guskhara to Kisselbari, India with P-40s.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  4 B-25s hit the Bakli Bay area on Hainan Island; 2 merchant vessels are claimed sunk, and damage is done to tracks and loading equipment. 4 P-40s on a sweep of the N coast of the Gulf of Tonkin sink an ore boat and damage 4 barges.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 8 B-24s hit supply dumps at Kamaing, while about 50 fighter-bombers and 2 B-25s hit troops in in the Myitkinya area and support ground forces near Kamaing; in the Katha area 12 B-25s and 16 P-38s and P-51s hit a bridge and railroad facilities near Meza and a railroad near Kawlin.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  6 B-25s pound the Viet Tri, French Indochina area, damaging 2 factories, a bridge and several railroad cars. In China 60+ P-40s, P-38s, and P-51s attack troops and buildings at Sienning and Kwanyinchow, hit a bridge, warehouse, and general area at Anyi, damage bridges at Kienchang and Puchi and pound Nanchang Airfield and surrounding areas.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In the Mogaung Valley of Burma, 8 B-24s bomb the Kamaing storage area, while 60+ fighter-bombers and 9 B-25s furnish ground support in the Sumprabum, Mogaung, and Kamaing areas, and bomb storage and town areas of Manywet, Mohnyin and Kamaing.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  4 B-25s bomb the barracks area at Vinh Yen, French Indochina, scoring direct hits on 4 buildings.

STRATEGIC OPERATIONS (XX Bomber Command):  HQ XX Bomber Command arrives at Kharagpur, India from the US.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 20+ P-51s and B-25s over the Katha area hit the railroad and warehouse at Indaw in support of the ground forces nearby; 12 P-38s join numerous RAF aircraft in strikes on airfields, railroads, riverboats, and a variety of targets in the Mandalay area; 12 B-24s pound the Victoria Lake region near Rangoon; 80+ fighter-bombers and a few B-25s blast targets throughout the Mogaung Valley, including the Waingmaw area, Mogaung, Nanyaseik, guns NE of Kamaing, and numerous scattered fortifications, supply areas, troop concentrations and pillboxes; 80+ other fighters maintain patrol of the Sumprabum area.

HQ 1st Air Commando Group is activated at Hailakandi, India; the group consists of a HQ plus the following sections: bomber with B-25s, fighter with P-51s, light-plane with L-1 and L-5s, transport with C-47s, glider with CG-4As and TG-5s and light-cargo with UC-64s.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  In China, 12 P-40s and 3 P-51s attack the railroad station area at Nanchang, causing much damage to buildings and yards; the fighter-bombers also strafe the airfield and attack a nearby bridge.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  6 P-51s hit Anisakan Airfield, Burma.

CHINA (Fourteenth Air Force):  2 B-24s fly a sea sweep from Kunming, China around Hainan Island, and across the Gulf of Tonkin to Nam Dinh, French Indochina; en route, a freighter is strafed; 1 B-24s bombs spinning mills at Nam Sinh, causing considerable damage.


BURMA-INDIA (Tenth Air Force):  In Burma, 9 B-25s hit the Pinlebu area; 10 P-51s hit Japanese positions near the "Broadway" airstrip; 12 P-40s bomb the Warong area while others patrol around Sumprabum; near Katha 3 B-25s and 6 P-51s hit a warehouse, railroad cars and track at Zawchaung.

HQ 8th Photographic Reconnaissance Group arrives at Bally, India from the US. The 9th Photographic Reconnaissance, 20th Tactical Reconnaissance and 24th Combat Mapping Squadrons will be assigned on 25 Apr; the 40th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron will be assigned on 18 Jul.

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