United States Army Air Forces

Combat Chronology 1941 - 1945


AA antiaircraft
AAB Army Air Base
AAF Army Air Forces
AACS Army Airways Communications System
AAFIB Army Air Force in Britian
AAFld Army Air Field
AAFMTO Army Air Forces, Mediterranean Theater of Operations
AAFPOA Army Air Forces, Pacific Ocean Areas
AAFSCMTO Army Air Forces Service Command, Mediterranean Theater of Operations
AAFWS Army Air Forces Weather Service
AB air base
ABDA American-British-Dutch-Australian Forces
ABDACOM American-British-Dutch-Australian Forces Command
AC Air Commodore
ACM Air Chief Marshal
ADC Air Defense Command
Adm Admiral
Adv Advance
ADVON Advanced Echelon
AEAF Allied Expeditionary Air Force
AEF Allied Expeditionary Force
A/F airfield-used collectively to mean both the landing field and the fixed facilities
AFBC Air Force Base Command
AF Comp Cmd Air Force Composite Command
AFPAC US Army Forces, Pacific
AFSC Air Force Services Command
AG Adjutant General
Air Div Air Division
AM Air Marshall
AMET Africa-Middle East Theater
ammo ammunitions
armd armored, armoured
arty artillery
ASC Air Service Command
A Spt Cmd Air Support Command
Asst Assistant
ATC Air Transport Command
AVG American Volunteer Group
AVM Air Vice Marshal
Avn Aviation
AWPD Air War Plans Division
BC Bomber Command
Bd Board
BLADE FORCE British armored unit in TORCH operations
bmr bomber
Bn Battalion
bomb bombardment
Bomb Div Bombardment Division
Bomb Gp Bombardment Group
Bomb Sq Bombardment Squadron
Brig Brigade
C central
CACW Chinese- American Composite Wing
CAF Chinese Air Force
C/AS Chief of Air Staff (RAF)
CATF Chine Air Task Force
cav cavalry
CBI China-Burma-India
CBO Combined Bomber Offensive (Plan)
CCRC Combat Crew Replacement Center
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff (US-British)
CG Commanding General
CinC Commander-in-Chief
CINCPAC Commander-in-Chief, Pacific
CINCPOA Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas
CINCUSAFPAC Commander-in-Chief, United States Army Forces, Pacific
cmd command
Cmdr Commander
CO Commanding Officer
Co company
COMAIRNORSOLS Commander Air North Solomons
COMAIRSOLS Commander Air Solomons
COMAIRSOPAC Commander Aircraft South Pacific Forces
COMGENSOPAC Commanding General of US Army Forces in the South Pacific
comm communications
COMNORPAC Commander North Pacific
Comp Composite
Comp Cmd Composite Command
COMSOPAC Commander-in-Chief, South Pacific
CONUS Continental United States
CoS Chief(s) of Staff (US)
COS Chiefs of Staff (British)
COSSAC Chief of Staff, Supreme Allied Commander
DAF Desert Air Force
DATF Desert Air Task Force
def defense
dep deputy
det detachment
Div Division
DS Detached Service
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
E East, eastern
EAC Eastern Air Command
EAME Theater European-African-Middle East Theater
ETO European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, United States Army
FB fighter-bomber
FC Fighter Command
FEAF Far East Air Force
FM Field Marshal
Ft Fort
ftr fighter
Ftr Gp fighter group
GAF German Air Force
GASC Ground Air Support Command
Gds Guards
Gee Device used for blind-bombing, though primarily a navigational apparatus. It depended on beams transmitted from ground stations and had short operational range.
GHQ General Headquarters
GO General Order
Gp Group
HB heavy bomber
HE high explosive
HQ headquarters
I Island(s)
IATF India Air Task Force
IC Interceptor Command
IG Inspector General
inf infantry
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
LB light bomber
MAAF Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
MAC Mediterranean Air Command
MASAF Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Force
MATAF Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force
MB medium bomber
ME Middle East
MP Military Police
MTO Mediterranean Theater of Operations
MTOUSA Mediterranean Theater of Operations, United States Army
Mts Mountains
M/Y marshalling yard
N North, northern
NAAF Northwest African Air Forces
NAASC Northwest African Air Service Command
NACAF Northwest African Coastal Air Force
NAS Naval Air Station
NASAF Northwest African Strategic Air Force
NATAF Northwest African Tactical Air Force
NATBF Northwest African Tactical Bomber Force
NATC Northwest African Training Command
NATOUSA North African Theater of Operations, United States Army
NEI Netherlands East Indies
NORPACFOR North African Theater of Operations, United States Army
NZ New Zealand
Oboe Blind-bombing device of a rather short range because of dependence on beams transmitted by ground stations. Oboe was one of the most accurate of blinding devices.
Pathfinder Aircraft equipped with devices allowing blind-bombing under cloudy or overcast conditions or in darkness
Phil Is Philippine Islands
Photo Photographic
Pltn Platoon
PM Prime Minister
POA Pacific Ocean Areas
Prov Provisional
Pt point
PT patrol vessel, motor torpedo boat
Pur Pursuit
R River
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAD Rear Admiral
RAF Royal Air Force
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
rcn reconnaissance
repl replacement
Rgt Regiment
RN Royal Navy
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
S South, southern
SAAF South African Air Force
SBD Navy (Douglas) Scout Bomber
SEAC Southeast Asia Command
serv service
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
Slot, the 300 mi long open-water passage from the Shortland Is to Florida and Savo Island
SOPAC South Pacific
SOS Service of Supply
Sp Special
SPOBS Special Observer Group, US Army
spt support
strat strategic
Sq Squadron
SWPA Southwest Pacific Area
TAC Tactical Air Command
TBF Navy (Grumman) torpedo Bomber
tac tactical
TC troop carrier
TCC Troop Carrier Command
TF Task Force
TG Task group
tgt target
T/O target of opportunity
trg training
Trg and Repl Cmd Training and Replacement Command
UK United Kingdom
US United States
USA United States Army
USAAF United States Army Air Force(s)
USAAFNATO United States Army Air Forces, North African Theater of Operations
USAAFUK United States Army Air Forces in United Kingdom
USAFBI United States Army Forces in British Isles
USAFIA United States Army Forces in Australia
USAFIME United States Army Forces in the Middle East
USAFISPA United States Army Forces in South Pacific Area
USAFPOA United States Army Forces, Pacific Ocean Areas
USAMEAF United States Army, Middle East Air Forces
USFIA United States Forces in Australia
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
USS United States ship
USSAFE (later USSTAF)--United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USSTAF (formerly USSAFE)--United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe
USASTAF United States Army Strategic Air Forces in the Pacific
VAD Vice Admiral
V-E Day Victory in Europe
VHB very heavy bomber
V-J Day Victory in Japan
VLR very long range
W West, western
WAC Women's Army Corps
WD War Department
WDAF Western Desert Air Force
Wg Wing
WPB War Production Board
ZI Zone of Interior (continued US)

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