United States Army Air Forces

Combat Chronology 1941 - 1945


ANVIL - Plan for invasion of S France.

ARCADIA - Washington conference, 20 Dec 41 - 14 Jan 42, on proposed Anglo - American offensive against Germany. Participants include the President, the Prime Minister, and their military staffs.

ARGUMENT - Coordinated attacks by Eighth and Fifteenth Afs on German aircraft production, with an assist by RAF. The plan is drafted 2 Nov 43 and presented on 29 Nov 43 by Combined Operational Planning Committee and thereafter repeatedly modified. Operations are conducted 20 - 25 Feb 44.

AVALANCHE - Invasion of Italy at Salerno, 9 Sep 43.

BAYTOWN - British invasion of Italy near Reggio di Calabria, Sep 43.

BOLERO - Buildup of US armed forces in United Kingdom for attack on Europe.

BOOMERANG - Pre-Normandy invasion exercise in water-proofing and landing motor vehicles.

CARPETBAGGER - Air operation from United Kingdom to drop supplies to patriot forces in occupied W Europe.

CATCHPOLE - Operations against Eniwetok and Ujelang Atolls, Marshall Is, early 1944.

CLARION - Large-scale air strike by all available air power of AAF and RAF against transportation and comm tgts in Germany (22 - 23 Feb 45).

COBRA - US First Army operation to penetrate German defenses W of Saint - Lo and secure Coutances.

COVER - Series of aerial blows preceding the Normandy invasion, chiefly in the Pas de Calais coastal area of France, to deceive the enemy as to the sector to be invaded.

CROSSBOW - RAF code name for operations against German missile launching sites (code name also used by USAAF).

DRAGOON - Invasion of S France, Aug 44.

EAGLE - Pre-Normandy invasion exercise of paradrops, glider tows, and related tactics and techniques.

EUREKA - Tehran Conference, Nov 43.

FLAX - Attacks on Axis transports between Tunisia and Europe.

FLINTLOCK - Operations against Kwajalein and Majuro Atolls in the Marshall Is, early 1944.

FORAGER - Capture and def of the southern Marianas (Saipan, Tinian, and Guam) during spring and summer of 1944.

FRANTIC - Capture and def of the southern Marinas (Saipan, Tinian, and Guam) during spring and summer of 1944.

GALVANIC - Assault on the Gilbert Is, late 1943.

GYMNAST - Early Allied plan for seizure of Casablanca and invasion of NW Africa.

HALPRO - Bombing det for China-Burma-India Theater.

JUNIOR - Twelfth Air Force.

LANDGRAB - Invasion of Attu.

MALLORY MAJOR - Offensive against Po R bridges, Jul 44.

MARKET-GARDEN - Operation to secure bridgehead over Rhine R, Sep 44.

MATTERHORN - Plan approved in Apr 44 for bombing of Japan by B - 29's based in Calcutta area and staging through adv fields in Chengtu area.

NEPTUNE - Actual operations within OVERLORD. Used for security reasons on OVERLORD planning documents bearing place names and date.

NOBALL - Codename for tgts consisting of German missile-launching sites. See also V - weapons and rocket sites.

OCTAGON - US - British conference at Quebec, Sep 44.

OVERLORD - Overall plan for invasion of W Europe in 1944.

PANCAKE - MATAF and MASAF OPERATION TO DESTROY ENEMY SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT IN THE Bologna area, annihilation of enemy forces on the Bologna approaches, and the isolation of the battle area, Dec 44.

PLUNDER - Allied land assault across the Rhine, 24 Mar 45.

POINTBLANK - The Combined Bomber Offensive of US and British Afs against German AF and aircraft industry.

QUEEN - 12th Army Group operation between Wurm and Roer Rivers.

REUNION - Evacuation of US airmen interned in Rumania, from Bucharest.

ROUNDUP - Plans for invasion of Western Europe, Spring 1943.

SEXTANT - International Cairo Conference, Nov - Dec 43.

SLAPSTICK - British airborne landing on heel of Italy, 9 Sep 43.

STARKEY - Combined air attack on Pas de Calais area, Aug - Sep 43. Rehearsal of invasion of France.

STRANGLE - Air operation to interdict movement of enemy supplies in Italy.

SUPERCHARGE - British 30 Corps breakout, Egypt, 1942. Revised plan of assault on Mareth Line, Mar 43.

SUPERGYMNAST - Projected plan to combine US and British plans for seizure of Dakar, Casablanca, and Tunisia.

TIDALWAVE - Bombing of Ploesti, Aug 43.

TORCH - Plan for Allied landings in North and Northwest Africa, Nov 42.

TRIDENT - US - British Conference in Washington, May 43.

TWILIGHT - Plan to base B-29's in CBI.

VARSITY - Airborne drop E of the Rhine near Wesel, 24 Mar 45.

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